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What is a brand film?

What makes your company a brand?

Do you want to do as a brand?

What is the real face of your brand?

How does your brand play a role in an industry?

The big answer is a Brand film.

It is a strategic, stylized documentary about your brand. The story is authentic and compelling because you, your product and/or service is authentic and compelling. The brand film is way more different than any typical commercial or corporate video.
In today’s cluttered market it is important to not only communicate your products and services visually but to communicate your brand as well. And the best way to do it is through Brand films. A brand film does things differently than a commercial.

Brand films have that time to build the audience’s interest into the company as a whole. They get
involved based on how you make them feel.

The aim of a brand film is to connect with the target audience. Experts say that a branded film is no longer a film if it’s selling (that’s just an extended ad), or telling a story strictly about the company (that’s an infomercial). They say it follows a different set of parameters and best practices that seem counter to almost everything else they do in marcomms.


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