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Mascot vs. Celebrity

Mascot Character

Mascot vs. Celebrity

Spokescreatures a Mascot Character for brand

History of Mascots dates back to 1888. An opera titled La Mascotte was written by French composer Edmond Audran, which is translated into English as The Mascot. It was used as a word for anything that brings good luck. The good thing about mascots is that they work cooperatively with other branding components as names, logos, taglines, even calls-to-action.

Selection of a mascot character is depended on your brand personality but mascot has to be unique. Mascot which is either a human or animal. A mascot is a perfect solution in these chaotic days to make your brand stand out from the rest.

Spokescreatures or Spokespeople

Both the mascot character (Spokescreatures) and celebrity (Spokespeople) is a powerful tool for a brand promotion. In was in the late 90s. When brands wanting to endorse themselves and thus so many celebrities from Amitabh, SRK to Sachin started doing advertisement. A mascot is your created property, you can have the control on it. But in case of a celebrity, you cannot control the public life of a celebrity. If any controversy surrounds the celebrity, it also effects to brand which they endorse.
According to Abhijit Avasthi, NCD, Ogilvy & Mather, There is never a set rule whether a brand should go with a celebrity or a mascot character. It mainly depends on the nature of the campaign. A well-known celebrity face has its respective positives and so does a mascot character. Though there is a great chance of a brand being lost in the clutter while using a celebrity.

Ranveer Singh is presently endorsing over 15-20 brands but when it comes to recalling a brand I can only think of 5-6 of those. Hence it is very important that the celebrity if used is used perfectly. For me, the ‘Amul Girl’ and ‘Zoozoo’ are two of the most memorable mascot character. When it comes to celebrities, I think Titan and Coke have used Amir Khan perfectly and so has Pepsi used Sachin.

Mascot Characters in the current scenario

With the advent of numerous brands in this cluttered market. The future of mascots in the field of advertising is bright. The scope of mascot character to become the new brand icons challenging the supremacy of the Khans and Bachchans. The Mascot character Amul girl as she is popularly known as a synonym for butter, is no less than a celebrity in India.

There are many mascot characters which have gained the celebrity status. Like Hutch Pug, Lijjat Papad Rabbit. Commonwealth Games Mascot Shera, Air India Maharaja, ICICI Life Insurance Mascot Chintamani, 7Up Man – Fido Dido. Appy Fizz’s mascot Appy Fizz and many more. After all this, there is a million rupee question: Which brand will create the next Amul girl or Zoozoo?

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