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Animation in Advertising

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It is true that every brand has its own space and target audiences. Some may say that Animated TVC ads are targeted for kids only. No its not! The bigger example is Redbull. In animation, there are so many ways to construct an ad like character animation, 2d and 3d ad, live + animation. Let’s take an example of Idea ad of saving tree featuring Abhishek Bachchan where he dons a role of a sagacious tree giving the Gyan to save paper. An animation in advertising is changing the dynamics of TVC ads. Animation provides the out of the box feel to the brand.

With special effects and animated TVC humor in commercials, the audience is automatically glued to watching the same programme instead of flipping channels between breaks,” adds Girish Mahajan, Co-founder, and Director, Webitude.

Unlimited scope of Animated TVC and an Animation in advertising

Can a monkey sell a choco pops? Surprisingly, it does perfectly, because of a funny animated TVC monkey in the animated Kellogg’s choco world commercial that did his job so well. Thus TV industry is witnessing a lot of animation in advertising. Animated TVC characters are becoming the face of Indian brands. An animation is not limited to films only, nowadays they are the main highlight of a video campaign.

Animation gives a comic relief to brands. The unlimited scopes for creative talent making the ad word a niche for animation. Look around their so many brands that are playing in animation. Here I am not only saying about animation in advertising or animation mascots but the whole communication. Brands like Fanta, Frooti, Vodafone ZooZoo’s, Duracell Battery, Big Babol, Amron claymation ad and much more have a strong lasting appeal and lend a whole new dimension to the brand.

Novelty factor

The concept of animation gives room to creative experiment. You can do things which are beyond the human character reach. Animation can bring the freshness in terms of the visualization, storytelling or animation style such as 2d, 3d, live and many more. If I ask you to give one example of an animated ad you can immediately say Amul ads. That is the power of a well-executed advertising strategy. The usage of animation to attract the right curiosity towards the brand.

According to a few case studies. People preferred watching a Red Bull advertisement as opposed to that of a Fair and Lovely, given that the latter was trying to put across forced messaging as opposed to Red Bull. In this cut-throat market animated TVC ads are important to grab the attention, keep your audiences engaged, communicate quickly and concisely, to gain understanding and make a lasting impression of a brand.

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Brand film - Best from other Animated Studios in delhi NCR India - Kathputlee Arts and Films

What is a brand film?

What makes your company a brand?

Do you want to do as a brand?

What is the real face of your brand?

How does your brand play a role in an industry?

The big answer is a Brand film.

It is a strategic, stylized documentary about your brand. The story is authentic and compelling because you, your product and/or service is authentic and compelling. The brand film is way more different than any typical commercial or corporate video.
In today’s cluttered market it is important to not only communicate your products and services visually but to communicate your brand as well. And the best way to do it is through Brand films. A brand film does things differently than a commercial.

Brand films have that time to build the audience’s interest into the company as a whole. They get
involved based on how you make them feel.

The aim of a brand film is to connect with the target audience. Experts say that a branded film is no longer a film if it’s selling (that’s just an extended ad), or telling a story strictly about the company (that’s an infomercial). They say it follows a different set of parameters and best practices that seem counter to almost everything else they do in marcomms.


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